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Immediate Medical Care

Sarasota Medical Center is here for you.  We take scheduled appointments, however, if you need immediate medical attention today, walk-ins are welcome.  

Our Immediate Care Services Include:

  • Lacerations and Cuts

  • X-ray

  • Sports Injuries

  • Accidents

  • Colds and Acute Illness

  • Allergy Shots

  • Vaccination and Flu Shots


What is immediate care?

Immediate care centers typically allow for patients to have walk-in access to address acute, non-emergent, non-urgent, and non-life threatening issues. ... Much like the care one would receive from a primary care physician, but designed to be more convenient and accessible to the patients immediate needs.

Should I go to an urgent care for a sore throat?

In general, if your sore throat lasts longer than one to two days, or is accompanied by other symptoms, such as joint pain, difficult breathing, abdominal pain, rash, or fever, you should seek medical care at Sarasota Medical Center 

Are there different flu shots for different age groups?

There are different types of flu shots, and some are specific for certain age groups. If you're a senior and considering getting a flu shot this season, chances are your doctor will recommend a flu shot designed specifically for people ages 65 and older, such as a high-dose vaccine or adjuvanted flu vaccine.

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