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Corporate Care

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Dr. Mason and Dr. Aristimuno maintain a “back to work as soon as medically possible” policy, and encourage every employer to participate in a light-duty/return to work program.

Company Medical Care™ is a healthcare program within Sarasota Medical Center. Company Medical Care™ treats all types of injuries, including fractures, strains/sprains, lacerations, chemical burns, falls, and work related illnesses.

Lost time due to injured employees is lost productivity for your business. Company Medical Care™ is dedicated to getting employees healthy and back to work.

Our Corporate Care Services Include:

  • Complete X-ray and Lab Services

  • Pre-Employment Physicals

  • Functional Back Exams

  • Urine and Blood Drug Testing

  • Professional Booth Audiometry (Hearing Testing)

  • DOT Physicals

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